A process we’re proud of

We’re all about client transparency. Our clients have direct contact with our management team, allowing clear communication & regular project updates throughout the build. Whether we’re building a new landscape or developing a large civil project, we explore a wide range of possible outcomes in order to make the correct decisions before we even begin. Preliminary work is the key!



After receiving an invitation we tender your project with a cover page outlining ins and outs, then back the proposal up with a clear easy to understand schedule of rates. That word again ‘Transparency’



We’ll explore a wide range of possible construction options, through our industry knowledge we are able to make value recommendations for our client to consider.


EHSQ SYSTEMS (Third party certified)

We implement our already developed systems for your site specific project, to ensure we have all our basis covered to build a Healthy safe quality project.



Part of our service is to provide advice you may not know, relating to product, plant, and raw material. This client consultation is very important to ensure we provide our client with efficient, sustainable, high quality result.



Our people are assigned to the project and commence preliminary onsite meetings. Then the progress begins, building your civil landscape project to the final outcome with acute attention to detail.



Demobilise doesn’t mean the end of the project. We’ll monitor staff performance, study reports & recommend further improvements based on project activity for future clients. This project is then handed over to our maintenance team, that creates our end goal.

Environmental, Health Safety and Quality systems are imperative to the operation of the Landscape Plus Group.

We have heavily invested time in developing EHS&Q systems that guide our company in the day to day tasks. These systems are important to enable a safe workplace that creates quality projects.

Why risk it with a contractor with a lack of understanding of the importance of safety and quality?